Monday, October 10, 2011

090211 Crazy Over Goto

One fact about me and my BFF -- We're crazy over Goto. I can give you few reasons why. (1) It's generally a happy food (2) It tastes good whoever cooks it. I haven't tasted a bad one before. Have you? Or maybe that's just because I haven't tried cooking it yet. lol (3) It's CHEAP. One of the cheap thrills in life. (4) A bowl of Goto makes me full already. That doesn't mean I stop eating after the first bowl though. Okay, enough about Goto.
Goto with Egg at Goto King, SM Food court
I will never forget this day because it was T's treat! Ha ha. It was one morning after shift when she suddenly approached me saying "Kain tayo ng goto. Libre kita." (I couldn't remember the exact words though) Who am I to resist? He he. Me and my bff seldom hang out anymore but when we do we never fail to have a blast wherever whenever. We can chat for hours and never run out of words to say or talk for few minutes and squeeze in everything we want to share. It has always been like that. :)

Lunch at Goto King. Went to powerbooks after. 
Our friendship have been through tough times before, we seldom hangout and maybe we still get annoyed at each other once in a while but there's always something that draws our closeness back. It's amazing, really. I guess we're really meant to be BFF (Best Friends Forever).

Too much identical photos? Ikr. ;p

I discovered a new online photo editor. Thanks to my sister who downloaded the android application for me. I learned that it  has an online site. Anyhoo, which picture looks better? I like the edited version but my sister prefers the one on the right. Check the photo editor out! pixlr Happy editing!

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Anonymous said...

been using Pixlr for some time already and up to now, na-aamaze pa rin ako sa nagagawa nya :)


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