Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hair Curlers Anyone?

I really love photo filters because in just one click your haggard
photo turns to something as flawless as my photo above. LOL.
Filter: Cinemascope Picasa 3
I bought these curlers at Divisoria last year for Php150. When I saw it on one of the sales lady I got amused on how it curls hair without heat. I didn't leave it on  for a long time so I only got big waves. I didn't apply any hair product to keep the curls so just make sure to use hairspray for it to last long because mine didn't even last for an hour. Hehe. :)

1 comment:

TinaS said...

Haven't seen curlers like these ones, but the look nice :) I use figaro though... but it heats :s


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