Monday, March 5, 2012

Haller Summer! :)

Early sunrise, scorching heat of the sun, halo halo/shake cravings, sunglasses, bright colored tops, swimsuits (gasp), flip flops are all indication that it's undeniably the start of my most favorite season, SUMMER! 

Summer 2012 is AWESOME.
Just with the idea of going outside, getting tanned wearing the comfiest outfit there is makes me "kilig" not to mention the excitement the photo above brings. Weee! :) I'm also looking forward to beach getaway/s with friends. It's the time of the year when we get to make time and bond wherever there is water, sand and palm trees -- the BEACH! I already bought two swimsuits out of impulse just because they're pretty and so affordable. I couldn't resist! That's another thing I love about summer by the way -buying swimsuits for every beach getaway (or getaways that are yet to be planned) without feeling guilty. I'm not ready to wear them though. I have yet to achieve the bikini-worthy body. (Good luck to me! *fingers crossed) 

Envious of their flat tummies! I wish! 
Also, I will be celebrating my birthday soon. It's the first in the longest time that I got  excited this early for my birthday. So much for the glum old days because I definitely see bright, awesome days ahead. Have a happy summer everyone!

Ejay <3


Anonymous said...

I love your new layout! Summer na summer ang feel sa blog mo, pati ako naexcite na! :)))

Anonymous said...

your layout's inviting! let's all go to the beach! ;)


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