Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I Miss You Ma Che.

I do not fear death but that doesn't mean I'd be spared of pain, sadness and longing when someone so dear to me passed away. 

I want to remember Ma Che as a happy person who never failed to pass the good vibes around. She'd never stop bugging you through her funny antics until she gets a smile from you. She's annoying like that but I always end up smiling everytime.

She's an insanely good cook, if not one of the best and I remember asking her before what her secret was and she just told me that she cooks with love. 

She has her own ways of making people feel special from her family to friends and to people she just met. I don't know how she does it but as long as she's around people wouldn't be left unentertained.

When I was being a difficult teen, I remember staying with her and her family and I never felt left out. She was like a human diary where I can pour my heart out without having to worry that I' be judged.

She's like a second mom to me, as all my aunts are and hearing the news the first time made me want to go back to sleep and convince myself that everything was just a dream or I was just imagining things. I never really knew how it felt to lose somebody who had played a significant role in my life until then. Everything happened so fast and I wish I could turn back time so I could spend more time with her and savor every bite of the dishes she prepared for us. I just take comfort to the fact that she's in a better place right now, free of pain and sorrow.

I'm not sure I'd ever stop missing my Ma Che. She's everywhere. I miss her laugh, her yummy dishes, her sweetness and I'll miss catching up with her. I'd even miss telling her to stop smoking and how I envy her slender figure. Celebrations will never be the same without her but I'm sure being as she was she wouldn't want us to stay sad. 

I love you Ma Che. You will always be remembered and just know that every tear I shed when I remember you moving forward doesn't mean I'm sad or unable to move on it's just that I miss you too much I could not contain it. Hehe. E

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