Saturday, September 22, 2012

Thank God It's Saturday!

Seriously, we should thank God for "everyday" but I am more thankful for today because it's the last workday of the week for me which means I get to have a long good night sleep. I kinda miss sleeping late and waking up as I please and not because the alarm clock says so. ;p 

This week had gone by so fast as months did. I can't believe it's almost the end of September already! I wouldn't have noticed that it's the start of "ber" months had I not heard a Christmas song on my way home the other day. There is something with Christmas season that makes people happy for no reason at all, don't you think? It's amazing and I think that'll help keep the bad vibes away. GV forever!

Speaking of good vibes, on my way home after shift, I stopped by at a book sale in Glorietta and look what I got for less than Php50 each. 

I was looking for a book when I saw these two. "I got to buy them" was the first thought that came to mind. I already have an ebook of Wuthering Heights but I never really get to read much on my laptop since I get distracted with the online world easily whenever I'm using it. The good thing about hard copies/ books is I can read them anywhere without worrying that someone might snatch it from me. Haha! I've seen Practical Magic, the movie but I couldn't quite remember the story. I just know that it was one of the movies that I liked watching repeatedly when I was a kid. I was surprised to see it on one of the shelves. I wonder when I will see Fifty Shades on book sales as such because I'm never buying it at its the original price. ;p
Aren't they pretty? I'm a self-confessed notebook hoarder. Who can resist? LOL ;p
Anyhoo, do you like my new header? I think it's fun! I'm so proud because I didn't need to get a photo with a good background to come up with this. I just used a plain white background and let Picmonkey do all the magic. They have every feature there is (I think ;p) so all you need is a bit of imagination, nah, just try everything out until you are pleased with what you see. So there. Until then! 
Good Vibes!


Anonymous said...

friend!!! i miss you!! haha. pahiram ng Wuthering Heights mo pag natapos mo na ah! :) I have lots of kwento sayo! :)

Ejay said...

sure sure! nakakastress basahin friend *nosebleed* haha ;p i know, ipunin mo yan at dapat wala ka mamiss kahit isang detail! haha ;p Miss you!

The Hulk said...

nice blog


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