Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A birthday wish for my BFF.

Friendship is not a big thing - it's a million little things. 

I have many best friends but so far I only have one BFF. That BFF who never fails to appreciate and to put up with me. Since today is her birthday I want to let her know how I appreciate her. I'm doing this not because she requested a "melodramatic message" but I realized that maybe now's the time to let her know how much I value the friendship that we have.

Small things.
Our friendship is made up of small things that are worth remembering. Remember the time when we started talking to each other? That was when you approached me on a game during our PST. Naloka ako kasi baka ma-nose bleed ako sayo! Haha. Remember the sleep overs, the Greenbelt chapel visit after shifts, the "observe silence" sign! LOL! the senseless yet funny gossips, Goto King! the joys of eating lugaw! Haha, lunch dates, make overs, siomai food trip, CR photo ops, endless conversation, statement candies, laugh trips and a whole lot more. 

We have been friends together
In sunshine and in shade.
~Caroline Sheridan Norton

but hey we've also experienced those life-changing, mind-boggling, heart-breaking sort of events together - the Bien-Tin love story - I've witnessed it first!, I bet you know the mind-boggling part (ha ha) that was when we tried to figure out who was who and the things after that, we were together when we were on the highs and lows of our respective "so-called" relationships and I value those moments. Those moments when we cry together, laugh right after crying then cry again. Weird! Haha. and thinking about why we did makes me embarrassed now lol but it never fails to make me laugh too. 

I am grateful.
Thanks for not giving up on me. I know I am a lot of things and I am not the "model" BFF there is -- I am not good in remembering dates, I occasionally have mood swings, definitely not the cheesy friend but I don't know how you do it -- keep up with my moods, try to make me smile when I look "unfriendly". BUT I AM GRATEFUL that despite of what I lack as a friend we remain (and hopefully will always be) BFFs.

A birthday wish.
I am really proud of you for you've grown so much the past year. It inspires me to know that people do change for those they love and people indeed grow when they have to.  Continue being genuinely happy - you have a loving husband, a super adorable daughter and friends who are there to support you and I couldn't be more happier for you. You deserve everything because you are one hell of a person who may be bitchy at times but has a heart who loves unconditionally. People may judge you like I or everyone else's did  but just be yourself and they will love you like that. I love you T! I will always treasure our friendship. Yeah even the lowest of the lows because those made it nastier. He he

Forever BFFs.
Thinking about it, we can never run away from each other. Ha Ha! I am a witness/godmother on your wedding and Saab's god mother. When/if I get married and have kids you will be part of it too. Let's be forever friends T. I'm really happy that I get to reminisce what those two years of friendship had been because of this. *teary-eyed. Thank you! Cheers for more years of friendship. 

With much love,

P.S Wag na pansinin ang wrong grammar please! Haha. Time-pressured yan lol!


Maria Kristina said...

You made me cry at 3am. Yes 3am. Ginising ako ni bien just so I could this. I love you E! And cheers to lifelong friendship :)

Sheila Brotonel said...

Nice blog! SUPER like!! Teary-eyed din ako.. kasi I felt the same way kay Tin.. We love you so much T! All the best for you T and E! Mwah!

JP said...

ang lakas makakembot nang post na ito... napaka genuine. i think that is the perfect adjective for this. i miss you all cvg peeps... :)

ejay said...

@T: I never thought I'd be able to put almost everything in words. nakaka-nosebleed kasi hehe. I love you too! :)

btw, Happy Anniversary sa inyo ni Bien :)

@Ate Shiela: ikr! ako din teary eyed while remembering everything. :)

@Paul G: Paul!! Kamusta ka na? ;p


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