Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy 2012 Loves :)

I love new years, don't you? It's like starting in a clean slate over and over again--think new beginnings yearly, making new year's resolutions regardless whether we did good or not on the last, buying new stuffs (because it's a new year! C'mon!), guilt-free eating binge, staying up all night with everyone in the house, jumping when the clock strikes 12 (yeah, nothing happens every time but I keep on doing it anyway!), etc...

I had been carefree both in a good and bad way last year. I don't regret any of those though. I've loved the whole of my 2011. It made me feel different, it helped me experience a lot of things, I've accomplished many little things which may mean nothing to others but truly meant a lot to me. 2011 made me grateful of the people whom I value and who likewise feel the same for me and I can truly say that 2011 had been worthwhile. Yes, a year better than the last.

...but like every new years, I only have one aim and that is to be better than ever. Life goes on and we go with it. Wouldn't it be nicer if our life is progressive rather than the other way around? Let's all have a better life this year. So I say,
NEW YEAR'S DAY AT LAGUNA. (yes, I know how to ride a bike ;p)
 loose, color block top from greenhills (gift from my brother and his gf,
yellow beaded bracelet, DIY  denim shorts, white &grey flipflops

Last year on my new year post here I remember saying "Be Awesome (2011)" and now I'm gonna say

"I will make you awesome 2012! :)"



Anonymous said...

korek. magsasaya tayo ng bongga ngaung 2012!!

ejay said...

Naman! See you tomorrow friend. :)


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