Sunday, October 21, 2012

BDJ Fair 2012

Being a certified BDJ Girl, I wouldn't miss this event for anything. Although we were pressed for time my friend, Roxy and I still went to SM Mall of Asia to attend the event. As always, they have a lot in store for us! 

After paying Php 100 for the Charity Pass (which is optional btw) we were given a map just like last year and off we went exploring the booths. We were entitled to free tarot card reading, photo booth and wall climbing. We also got a free loot bag! I love freebies and it contains more stuff than last year. 

The BDJ Fair brings friends together. I only see Ate Diane once a year. Guess where?
Roxy and I waiting for our turn at the Tarot Card reading booth. Isn't she blooming? Weee. :)
So, we tried the Tarot card reading for fun and it was amusing. We talked about relationships, career and life in general. It's liberating to be able to speak about those things to a complete stranger. More than predicting they do give good advice. 

While waiting for Roxy. 

We didn't stay long but we checked all the booths and even had our picture taken at SM Ladies' Wear's photo booth. It was a fun day and of course, we didn't forget to buy our planners! :)

The BDJ power planner is now available in NBS and Powerbooks! Don't forget to grab one. I tell you, it's worth it. :)


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