Wednesday, October 26, 2011

R and R... NOT!

I woke up from a 12hour sleep. Thinking about what happened the day before, I realized how little I slept. I've abused my body too much that it couldn't function properly anymore. I was shaking slightly, my eyes look sleepy no matter how I try to open them and I look ugly even with makeup on. I will try not to do that again. A good 6 to 8 hour sleep is a must before a long shift.

Anyhoo, I was really excited for this day, my day off! All I wanted is to relax and enjoy every bit of it. On days like this I prefer to stay home and slack off the whole day. Think movie marathon while lying on bed with junk foods and coke. Today, I opted to go out and pamper myself.

Me while having my pedi. :)
Nails Treat!
I went to a local salon for mani and pedi. That should be relaxing, I thought but boy it was sooo painful that I wanted her to just stop doing it. It was't her fault though because it has been a while since I had someone do my nails properly and ate said that the ingrown skin is really hard to remove. I do it myself most of the time and what do I know about ingrown skin? It was  really painful. I swear! But she's pretty nice and seemed to know much about what she's doing but the thing my feet was murdered! I guess it should have been good service if not for the blood, the pain and the long wait (I stayed there for about 1 hour and 40 mins.The thing that I don't like about local salons is that the attendants gossips too much and I felt that because of that they work slower. I don't know. I've got nothing to do I can't help but stare at the clock. Err.) The plus side is I love my nails and the polish.

To lessen the pain, I promised myself to have my nails done regularly considering it's pretty cheap when done at the local salon. The total cost of the mani and pedi is 175 inclusive of the service charge aka tip. :)

The local salon. I keep on referring it as the local salon because I forgot the name. I'm not sure if it's BFM or FMS. Will just update is when I pass by or on my next visit :)
Bobby's Nail Polish. Too bad the color name is no longer visible. I rarely buy this brand of nail polish because it's too watery and hard to apply but the attendant applied it smoothly so maybe it was just me. He he!
Late Lunch at Mc Donalds

I really wanted to go home right after because it was already 2 pm and I was so hungry. I was on my way home but I though that if I go home chances are I wouldn't go out anymore. So I went straight to Robinson's Place Manila to get some facial treatment. I had lunch at McDonalds alone. I find it really refreshing to do things alone but I never thought I'd do it in a crowded fast food chain. Unfortunately, I was seated beside 2 pair of couples talking about infidelity. Here's some one liners I can't help but overhear. (P.S Listening and overhearing are two different things)

Girl: Kaya kitang i-two time pero di ko ginawa. Nandyan na nga sya pero pinigilan ko.
Me to myself: Ay proud si ate? Dapat pa pala magpasalamat si bf. Haha. Oh gosh world.
Boy na bf ata ni girl above sharing about his exes: Madami ako naging gf depende sa kailangan ko. Yung iba tagagawa ng home work yung iba pag walang magawa at iba pa yung hiraman ng pera...
Me to myself: WTF? sabay tingin sa nagsasalita. Wow ha ang pogi ni kuya. Nakakahiya naman sa kanya. Lol!
I was enjoying my food when this little girl kept on staring at me as if waiting for me to finish my meal. I looked at her wide-eyed (I can be a bully at times hehe)thinking she'd look away but apparently she did not. I was almost done then but the thought of someone waiting for me to finish is uncomfortable. So I tried to finish drinking quickly and junked the fries in my bag. Err.

Facial Treatment
I get facial treatments at Let's Face It. It's cheap and I get fair service majority of the time. So this time I had the facial cleaning for only Php 245 plus the whitening mask of Php 250. I've had facials before and I know that it's painful but it has been a while and I wasn't able to consider that. Gash! It was super painful and the attendant said that it was because my pores are so small and the black heads are so deep. All the blame goes to me not having regular treatments. She was nice and all and I really love the service that I got compared to other attendants who assisted me before. But the thing is, this is supposed to be an R and R day! What happened to rest and relaxation? Pero sabi nga nila Tiis ganda! Ha Ha! :D

Before I went home, I stopped by at the Robinson's department store to buy a pair of sandals. I look horrible after the facial so I wore my sunglasses which is pretty awkward because it was already 5:30pm but it would be more awkward if I didn't with all the marks on my face. Luckily the pair that I was supposed to buy the last time I went there is still available in black at a cheaper price. I was so giddy I immediately asked for my size and while waiting I found another pair that I loved in an instant. It's 50% off. Not bad eh?

Insert Picture Here. Sorry I feel sleepy to take more pictures. I'll upload it later.

I was really happy with what I bought and I know that all the pain will pay off. Remember the line NO PAIN NO GAIN? But to be honest, that's one line I really hate to literally apply but I have to for the sake of beauty! Err. The joys and pains of being a woman. Ha ha!
I wanted to take a photo of my feet to show my nails but I couldn't stop in the middle or I would look silly doing that alone so I looked for a place to stop and I found an ads stand beside the concierge. I pretended to look for leaflets and to my surprise I found these --- Baguio, Corregidor, China town and Manila Guide. I took one of each then took a photo of my feet. As you can see it was not properly angled because someone came and took leaflets too so I had to do it quick. ;p



Anonymous said...

gusto ko na din magpamani-pedi. waaaah

Anonymous said...

panalo yung naoverhear mo na ang reaction mo!!!

ejay said...

@Roxy: Magpa-mani and pedi ka na kasi! :D Excited for tom! :)

@Bien: Haha! Nakakaloka naman kasi usapan nila. Ganun na ba usapan ng kabataan ngayon? Lol I feel so old ;p

Tin Adosto said...

I like the part whenyou said, "Listening and overhearing are two different things.."


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