Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Run Baby Run!

Half a year has passed and I could definitely say that I've run more than I had the entire year last year which wasn't much for others but for a couch potato like me, aah I'm beginning to wonder if I am still me. Haha.

Anyhoo, if you're into running and don't want to spend all your life running in the sad, old threadmill, I have 4 places in the metro where you can run less the expensive fees plus the fresh air. These are the places I usually go to. 

CCP Complex

What I love about this place is that there are always many other runners/joggers, day or night. I don't know but I find it motivating when I'm not the only one sweating out and struggling to reach my desired no of laps. Hehe.
When we go here in the morning, we usually jog around the area until we get tired. My friends and I would run from here to Star City and sometimes we'd go near the breakwater.
Other times, we do some dancing. They teach aerobics, taebo and belly dancing too! For Php 20 you're good to go. 

Roxas Boulevard

I run here when I want to start/end the day seeing the sunrise/sunset. 

Luneta Park

Luneta park isn't just a place for dating, you can jog here too. Haha. It's big so you won't get tired of seeing the same view when running back and forth.

Rizal Memorial Track Stadium

For only P35, you'd get to run on a real track with rubber flooring. Awesome right? Lakas maka-athlete plus it's good for our knees. As we were told, they're open from 730am to 6pm. 

Ayala Triangle Gardens

This is my most favorite. I just find it cool that in between the super busy streets of Ayala and Makati Ave, there stood this mini garden perfect for everything - running, food tripping and even soul searching. Haha. It can be too crowded at times though.

Running is really tiring but what makes it worthwhile is the fresh air, the smell of the trees/grass and just being one with nature. Plus, the company of good friends (or family, in my case) who motivate you to push yourself harder. I remember my brothers telling me to set a goal (e.g no. of laps ) and when I'm on the verge of quitting they'd tell me "kaya mo yan or isa na lang" then I'd reluctantly follow. Nakakahiya naman kasi sa pagcheer nila. Haha. 

One of my goals this year is to run a marathon. Masaya na ko magkacertificate in finishing a 5k run. 3k pa lang keri ko pero ipupush ko yan. Aja! E

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