Monday, October 10, 2011


If there's one person in the group who keeps us up to date to each other's lives that'll be L. She sets dinner dates and is always in charge of the planning whenever we go out of town. L texted us if we wanted to have dinner. Luckily, most of us are available.

BB Photos. Me and My Lovely Friends at Mom and Tina's Makati

So we went to Mom and Tina's for a cozy dinner. Yep, no alcohol this time. We just wanted to talk and laugh. We always laugh our hearts out whenever we go out anyway just like in college. Gawd! I suddenly missed college - the sleepover at S and H's dorm, the so-called review sessions, prov videoke after  a freaking accounting exam, tambay after class at the canteen to eat kwek kwek, mangga with bagoong and shake and a whole lot more. I've really enjoyed college because of them.

I loved the Lasagna and the Paella. The cakes were okay but the yummiest is the Braso De Mercedes for only Php45. This is the first time I've forced myself to eat such cake but it was so yummy. I never thought it tasted that good.

Our Mini Cakes. Mine's the one that looked like a mashed potato. I chose it because it's cheap. Ha ha. It has caramel filling but the bread's a little hard.

I guess I won't go into detail of what our conversations were or L will kill me (lol) but it was a happy night, really. We talked about their work, lovelife, L's blossoming love/crush life which I still feel kilig about (yep that's me feeling kilig over other people's lovelife.) and random things. Good vibes at its best!

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