Monday, October 17, 2011

Ashley's 3rd Birthday :)

October 11, 2011 -- Whenever I go to my lolo and lola's place, I always appreciate the value of the word "family". I don't have a perfect family and mine's one you won't consider normal but I always feel that I am genuinely loved when I'm with them. 

I got a message from my aunt that it was my sister's birthday so we went to our grandparent's place. She's cute, bibo, madaldal and she knows all our names (me and my 3 brothers) even we seldom see each other.

She's wearing the dress I gave her last Christmas. Sweet :)  and Oh, that's my dad taking a photo.
Mama Linda, Papa Fred and Baby Carl. The newest member of the family. He's so bait and he's my newest godchild. Too bad, I'm really not the godmother material. lol.
I love my lolo and lola. They're very supportive and they always tell me that I'm their only princess and my lola would always tell me that I get prettier everyday. Yeah, j
One of the days when I miss having a camera. Mama Linda loves taking pictures too and she never told me (ever) that I am vain for taking excessive pictures of myself.

Blurred, I know. 

The little ones. They're playing plants vs zombies and angry birds. So angry birds bill, you're way too late and unnecessary.

Ashley (LA) loves smiling at the camera too. 

Me and Mama Linda.


Look who's been bitten by the deadly dengue mosquito. Ha ha. They were already in the hospital but he insisted on going home. We convinced him to go back and went with him for moral support. Apparently, he's afraid of needles. Too bad I didn't see him cry. Hehe. :)

**Sorry for the crappy resolution of the photos. I really miss my good old digicam :(

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