Thursday, September 9, 2010

With my "one-text-away" buddy :D

Whenever I feel a little blah, the first thing that I want to do is go out of the house... (It's not necessarily to go out and shop. I don't have the moolah all the time. ;p) to go somewhere cold (the mall is the perfect place ;p) and to just walk and walk... (I knooow)

Anyway, since I was feeling a little blah that day and I needed some things on my list (yeah I'm now listing everything I need so I won't overspend). I texted L and good thing, she's got something to buy too... So we went to Robinson's and tada! They're on SALE! Gash! It's very timely and scary in a way... (I might overshop and I wouldn't want that to happen) Then I remembered that I've read on fashion bloggers site that Rob is indeed on sale... (How can I forget that? Hmmmm)

Anyhoo, L is in need of corporate attire and I'm just there to accompany her and buy few important things -- black lovepet, notebook and the like. One thing I've learned in going to malls --Never tell yourself that you won't buy anything not on the list because 80 % of the time, you will (unless you're super duper broke of course, only because you don't have a choice). Trust me, I just know.

So, I ended up buying a super chic black bolero. Will post a picture when I get to wear it. L, on the other hand bought 2 sleeveless blouses. I love what she's wearing on the photo but they don't have stocks her size left. Too bad. We got so excited trying clothes that she forgot to buy the most important thing --- the keyboard. Yikes.

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