Monday, September 27, 2010

Mom's 41st :D

Time flies so fast... Mom just turned 41st. We've been planning for this because we wanted to make it extra special in spite of lack of budget (Gaaash! Why does this had to be a problem?) We never surprised her, ever. Well, I always give her something I made and a cake or something like that but that's just it. For all the hard works and sacrifices she's given us, I guess it isn't fair to give her just that. So what we did was...

We bought balloons, party poppers, happy birthday churva and the cake... and ate gina and ate carlo bought ice cream fro mom too... When I got home that night I tried to be as normal as possible though it's hard to conceal the laughter when your younger sibs keep bugging you about the plan and how excited they were on the cake that they couldn't sleep or at least pretend that they are. Anyhoo, we silently prepared the balloons. I reminded everyone of the plan. be continued

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