Sunday, October 10, 2010

Awesome. Everything is just awesome :D

Haller! It has been a while. When I checked my blog a while ago, I saw my sore eyes post and I realized that it was so icky. ;p Anyhoo, this is an awesome day! Why? I've got lots of reasons but it's definitely not because its 10.10.10. lol. I find it cool though. I bet many got married today. Hehe.

Going back, you may not know this but I'm taking the CPA board exams. It was something that I was dreading to take simply because I was afraid to fail. (I know, another icky thing!) I even thought of deferring it again or wishing that I get dengue or sore eyes again or whatever so I wouldn't be allowed to take it. It was all crappy and I hated myself for being such a coward but I hated myself more for feeling that way. At that time, I was wondering where the fighter has gone, the strong, "go-lang-nang-go" E. It was pathetic but that made the feeling even worse.

Friday had been a gloomy day but the day didn't end there. My friend, Czai and I attended the worship service at Victory. I realized that all these time, He's waiting... He's just waiting for me to seek help... to lift everything to Him. Believe it or not, after the service I felt peace and surprisingly, I got excited... My mom's right, taking the board exam is just like any other exam. Nobody's putting pressure on me except myself. I was really scared but GOD is so AWESOME that in a snap he changed my perspective.

After service, I went to Rob to meet L and J. I got there first so I went to NBS, and guess what I found? a "how to walk in high heels" book for only P75.00. I was so surprised and I got sooo excited that I bought it right away. The catch is the book's cover is a mess... but I don't mind. I've been coveting the book because it looks interesting but being a natural cheapskate, I wouldn't buy such for P400++. I was sooo happy that time. I went to Starbucks to study while waiting. and boy, how I missed coffee frappe. It feels heaven. Haha. The barrista spelled my name wrong though.

Had dinner with J and L at Shakey's. L's treat. I love free food. :) These days, I'm the poorest of the poor. I'm on leave and my allowance is just enough for cheap food and transpo. Thanks L! :D J, on the other hand is blooming. What's your secret J? :)

Before I sleep and when I woke up the next morning, I got messages from friends, wishing me luck :D It feels good that there are people who believe in me. It lifted my spirit. :)

First and second day of the boards went well. It wasn't as hell-ish as I expected it to be. From day 1, I lifted all my worries to Him and you know what? Whatever happens, I know for sure that I will be okay. God has the best-est plans.

I will be preparing for the last 3 subjects, the most challenging once. Thinking about those make me want to cry but I'm gonna give my best shot. No more time for regrets. I need prayers though and hopefully, by Monday I will be a CPA :D

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