Friday, October 15, 2010

Something to Look Forward to After the Boards :)

Instead of making myself miserable by thinking about the what ifs after the boards. I listed the things that I'm looking forward to, simple things that'll make me happy.

CAREER RELATED JOB. Don't get me wrong, I love my job. It's the bestest part time job ever where I earn while I have fun. I could say that it has been my comfort zone for the past year but then at some point, we have to get out of it to discover more of the world and of ourselves -- what we really want and what we are capable of doing. I really don't know what I really want right now but that's the sense of discovering, to see things then decide on what we really want.

BEACH. I will definitely go to the beach. Boracay baby :)

MOVIE MARATHON. I've so much series in mind. How I met your mother, glee, friends and gossip girl are the first on the list :)

HOW TO WALK IN HIGH HEELS. I bought my copy for only P75. Can you believe that? It was indeed a good buy. Itls original cost is approximately P400. This book is a typical girl's guide to fashion. Kikay girls like moi will definitely enjoy reading this. I forced my friend Lyca to borrow it at the moment so I wouldn't lose focus. Yeah, I'm not the self disciplined type. :p

CLEAN. My bed is a mess and so as my clothes, accessories and study area. Gosh. I don't know how I can take that. It's just that when I clean my things, I need to free the entire day which isn't possible right now.

SHOPPING. How I miss shopping. I miss it real bad but I can't afford to shop. Consider this equation. Leave - pay = (moolah). I knoooow.

GO BACK TO WORK. I miss my friends and so as dialling. Seriously.

GOING OUT LESS THE GUILT. Haha. I just want to get rid of such feeling when going out. Coz everytime, there's a voice telling me "Hey ejay, what are you doing? You're supposed to study. Hello?" l ignore it most of the time but then I still want to get rid of it.

...and do you know what I look forward to the most?

To have my name written as:

Elenore Jay A. Dabalus, CPA

That 3 letter word which will be given in God's perfect time. I'm sort of praying really hard that may this Oct 2010 be His perfect time. Please pray for me real hard. :)

11:45am, Mon 11-10-2010

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Anonymous said...

hey ms. cpa! i know u can do it. we miss u!!!!


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