Thursday, December 1, 2011

Reminiscing 2011

I'm making this post for myself. Lately, I've been feeling weird dozes of emotions. One minute I am extremely happy then I go super sad the next. One minute I feel good about myself then I feel like a complete loser the next. It's weird, annoying and I never thought I could get crazier. Ha ha! Of course, I'm blaming it all to my hormones because I am by nature a happy and optimistic person. I appreciate life by the mere essence of it y'know! I realize that this shouldn't go on. Life is beautiful and I wanted to genuinely appreciate its beauty like I used to. I am just sick of getting tired and feeling bad. I am sick of trying to forget because the more I do so the more I remember. I am sick of looking at people's fake faces knowing they say something behind my back. I am sick of feeling inadequate. I am sick of watching what I do for they might say something bad about me. I am so sick of feeling sick knowing that no matter how I explain or look into the cause of this it all boils down to me letting myself to think and feel that way. This is supposed to be a feel-good post but there I said the depressing part. Maybe letting it all out is a good thing.

Moving on... to something more positive.

I guess I just have to focus on the blessings I've received this year, on simple things that made me happy, on memorable events that touched my heart, on the quality time spent with people close to me and just by the mere fact that I am still breathing to date allowing me to experience more of life.

Read along as I reminisce what happened the past year and my "Captured Moments" library will help me remember. See, being a cam whore pays. He he.

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Post Script
Writing is indeed our best friend. It brings out the best and worst in us yet for some reason it makes us feel better after.


Anonymous said...

friend, for this month, mag picture tau everyday!!!

Maria Kristina said...

I should, and I must be part of your December captured moments ha. :D


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