Monday, May 14, 2012

Uneven but I love it :)

Oh, how I miss blogging! It has been only a week since I officially started the so-called online hiatus but it feels like it has been months already. I deactivated Facebook, Twitter and avoided the online world as much as I can so I can focus in what I am doing. I can't say that it actually worked 100% but it did help.

 I've attempted blogging a lot of times because there are so many things that has been going on that I want to share like my birthday, new uneven hair color, summer dance workshop, The Avengers!, mother's day and even my frustrations and hopes but these days, time seems to run faster than ever that I have limited time and blogging is really time-consuming for me. It takes hours for me to blog about something and approximately 15 mins even just for JPG files. Ha ha! Yeah, I am that slow in organizing my thoughts and coming up with the right words. I love doing this though and I will definitely be back after some time.

Let me just share you that uneven hair color in dark auburn by my personal colorist, my brother :)

Yes, It may be uneven but I love it!
Up Close :)

More updates next time!

P.S My header is too big I know! Will edit that next time too ;p

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