Saturday, May 5, 2012

My 24th!

When I woke up on my 24th year, the first words that came out of my mouth are "This is it! Thank you Lord". I have so much to be grateful for but my mere existence up to this day is such a huge blessing already and yes I am thankful. Hey, I still have a chance to work on my dreams and fulfill them one by one, be with my family and friends and grow as the kind of person I've always wanted to be. Those reasons alone make me kilig. ;p

Black Curly Hair + Red Lips on my 24th.
An office mate told me to wear anything red and I did, red lippie it is! ;p
It was a pretty normal day as nothing was planned except for the "KFC Tradition" that my family has been doing for the last few years. I woke up late and nobody dared to wake me up early except for kuya who told me that he was trying to wake me up to greet me when he got home just after midnight but I was in deep sleep and failed. (yeah, he's the sweetest! lol)

After lunch we went to the studio right away because we were told to and Kuya treated us for dinner :) I've been taking hip hop classes together with my siblings and I suck bigtime but I tried to enjoy the class since it was my birthday and I did! (I still suck though! Haha) 

Dinner with my siblings before the workshop. I love it when we dine together since we seldom do this these days. Too bad mom wasn't around.
After the class, Crissie, my brother's girlfriend shouted  "birthday ni ejay ngayon" and after a few seconds everybody started singing out loud in different melodies a happy birthday song and I loved it :)
The overwhelming happiness didn't end there. When we got home, my friends were there to celebrate the KFC tradition with me.
Surprise! Surprise! (11:30 ish) I remember it clearly, I was walking towards our dining area when I saw and commented on the yellow table cloth when they started coming out from where they were hiding and started singing! I was surprised because I never thought they would go to my place since they have work the next day. Super touched and happy. I love my friends! The fab ones, indeed, never forget! :)

How I loved this day! With plans or not, I realized birthdays are meant to make us realize how blessed and loved we really are. 

A big thanks to my friends for the effort to surprise me and I really didn't see it coming because they've been ignoring me the whole day and I was guessing a different surprise (LOL). I never thought they'd go that late to my place. Thank you and I love you guys!

Thanks to those who greeted me through text and via fb! It's funny but I've been comparing the number of greetings I had this year and last year. Guess what? I've had more birthday greetings this year! Yay for that. Haha! 

If there's one person that I'd like to know how thankful I was (and still am) that would be my mom. Thanks ma! You've done a lot for me and I know you've made a lot of effort to make this day special pasaway lang talaga ko haha! ;p I may not say this often but I love you Ma! and I am so blessed to have you as my mom. :)

Cheers to my 24th! That I may have lots of moolahs, more time and resources for travel and (fingers-crossed) that super hot boyfriend I've been wishing for for the last years. (LOL)


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