Tuesday, May 1, 2012

1 Hour.

“Whatever with the past has gone,

The best is always yet to come.”

- Lucy Larcom

Last year, I welcomed my birthday crying, telling my brothers "I want to die". LOL! I woke up with swollen eyes but luckily it ended in a happy note.  I don't know how but thinking about it, for the past few years, there had been too much dramas few days before and during my birthday. It's disturbing because its becoming a trend, really. Ha ha ha! For a change, I will try not to cause any commotion to avoid waking up with swollen eyes. Hehe.  

I've been planning what to do on this day since last month because I really want to celebrate and by celebrate I mean, to treat myself BIG TIME but due to unavoidable circumstances and time constraints I have to make some adjustments and I've decided not to push through on any of those plans. Everyone's busy on this day and I am busy too (unfortunately). I won't let bad vibes get in the way though. I can guarantee you that because I declare tomorrow will be sheer bliss- no room for negative energies just with genuine smiles and thankful heart.

I don't know where I am getting at in this post, seriously but an hour to go and I'm 24! Weee! I love birthdays and I don't mind aging. Life is like wine, it gets better as years pass by and I want to think that I too, am like that. I keep getting better! Yeah, life keeps getting better!


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