Sunday, August 8, 2010

Girlfriends forever :)

When things get rough and all you need is a little love, girlfriends are the best people to go to :D They will share with your sorrows. They will make you happy. They will give the best-est advice (even they're 75% sure that you won't listen). They will make "lait" of the person/s who made you sad. They will make you laugh your heart out that you will forget what you're going through.

GUYS are JERKS (fine, not all of them but MOST are), GIRLFRIENDS are FOREVER and EVER

Meeting place at Mcdo, as always. Noc and I came first. Kaya nakapag-picture pa kami.

Look at my pretty friend... Yan ba ang haggard noc?

Our first group picture taken at Glorietta.
Thanks to Romnick, Elize's boyfriend :D

We had lunch at Spaghetti Factory, G5. The service was great but I didn't like what I had. The lasagna was a blah... well, at least for me. Again, the service people are uber friendly and very polite. They even offered on taking our group pic. Yeah, we do take pictures a lot :)

First two "sariling-sikap" pics

Perfect! :D

After our uber late lunch, we went to SM department store to check on baby stuffs ;p It's esa's 5th month. We do not know the baby's gender yet. We looked for baby things and gift ideas! We found one. It's on sale! We didn't buy it yet, of course. Wish lang namin nandun pa yun pag binalikan namin. Hehe. :) Magiipon muna ang mga ninang (or not?). We're already Kish's (esa's first) ninangs so I'm not sure if we'll be baby no 2's ninangs pa. Anyhoo, I'm so excited for the baby :)

Noc ended up buying a cute something
(I forgot what it's called) for Omar's baby
This is us while waiting for it.

We only see each other once a year but for this year more than once na! yey! record breaking! Hehe. Anyhoo, esa and noc texted us for this meet up... Bonggang bonggang revelations, syempre. Ako kaya, kelan may irereveal? Hehe. I love you girls! :D oxox

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