Tuesday, February 14, 2012

as Bitter as an Ampalaya ;p

The original plan was to post anything about love - how awesome the feeling, how magical it is and anything that describes its beauty. I'm not romantically in love at the moment but I do know the feeling. I changed my mind because I couldn't feel the "love is in the air" vibe today (that I normally feel on a valentine's day) which is both good and bad. It's good in a sense that I didn't dwell too much on the i-don't-have-a-date feeling but it's bad because I looked bitter by not talking about it or even make an effort to greet each person in my contact list a happy heart's day that I usually do. People at home kept on teasing by asking if I have date plans when they know for a fact that I'm not dating anyone and whatever my reaction is they tease me even more making me look more bitter. Err. Annoying. What's so special with this day anyway?So much for my vday rants. 

Here are the "hate" photos that I found rather amusing. 

Photos from Google. I did the collage at Picnik. :)
I also found this cute photo that makes me want to take back everything I said. Ha ha!
Even strawberries show some love. Cute! :)
I'm going to end this post with this lovely quote. Happy Valentine's Day Everyone! xx
Enjoy the ride!

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