Monday, February 13, 2012

from Girlie with Love

I've never been the sweet sister maybe because I find it weird to be cheesy with them (but I always do their homework). I mean we're like family and it's a given fact that we care for each other and they know for a fact that no matter how bitchy I am they are the most love persons in my life. (Here I am justifying my lack of sweetness LOL!)

Good thing Girlie came so she became the (annoyingly) sweet younger sister who gave me this self-made card. I was being grumpy the whole afternoon and I kept telling her to be quiet and to not bother me whenever she throws zillion questions at me or even sings her favorite katy perry song in an annoyingly loud way. She suddenly gave me this. She said "Uuuy maganda si ejay" I said: "Maganda talaga ko, thanks!" then I smiled. We're best friends again. LOL! Talk about kababawan.

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