Sunday, January 29, 2012

Korean Drama Craze!

Ok, I should change the title to Jang Geun Suk craze! Ha ha! January is about to end and to be honest had I not seen an FB friend's bday I wouldn't realize that it's the 29th already. Gash! I suddenly felt irresponsible for not doing anything but watch every drama/movie  that I find interesting. BUT there's no use of feeling bad or whatever I did learn something from those dramas! Yeah, seriously. I'm not making this up just so I can justify my actions. He he ;p

Here are the movies and dramas I've watched this January. I'm skeptical in posting this because people might think I don't have a life. Well, I guess that depends on how busy a person lives his or her life. I guess I'm not just too busy these days. Fine, once I'm into something I just wouldn't stop until I get fed up with it so I keep on watching and watching but I guess I was wrong because I never seem to get tired of Jang Geun Suk! Who will be anyway? Ha Ha! My solution is to be a bit disciplined when it comes to feeding my drama addiction i.e not watching until dawn on a work night and not even staying up for more than 24 hours. Yes, I can do this!

Again here's the list of the dramas/movies I've watched this January.

Haven Season 1 and 2
Dong Yi
Pretty Little Liars Episodes 14 to 17
The Secret Circle Episodes 8 to 12
49 Days
Seconds Apart
The Island
You're Beautiful
Baby and I
Marry Me, Mary
You're My Pet

Most of them are series which take approximately an hour per episode x more or less 16 episodes except for Dong yi with 30 episodes (because I finished the 1st half last December). You do the math. Geez, thinking about it I really don't have a life. LOL! I've been a couch potato this January! Err. Oh well, I enjoyed everything I've watched except for Seconds apart which is pretty much icky for me to watch. So, no regrets. As much as I wanted to make a review for each, I can't tonight. Maybe next time. :)

I missed blogging that I wanted to write even just this. Tomorrow will be a new day and I really really hope that I won't screw my planner up. Gosh, I can't even guarantee the success of doing ALL my to dos (that I personally thought of) tomorrow. Oh well, for a girl like me there's still hope! Aja! Fighting! :)



Anonymous said...

ahahaha panalo!! next mo na ung city hunter... baka Lee Min Ho addiction ka na next month. haha ;p

Ejay said...

Haha! Loyal ako kay jang geun suk kaya feeling ko hanggang "like" lang kay lee min ho. lol! ;p Natatawa ko sa ka weirdohan natin lately. LOL!

Anonymous said...

korek. iniisip ko nga kung ano mga iniisip ng mga taong nakakarinig satin eh. oh well at least nahanap na natin ang ultimate love of our lives natin. hahaha grabe ang sarap mainlove! hahaha


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