Monday, January 30, 2012

A is for Anawangin

LOL at my post title. This is a super late post but I really wanted to post it because it was an amazing experience. I went to Anawangin in May 2010, I guess. I can't even remember the exact date but I remember the experience perfectly. Chos!
Anawangin island is beautiful but the company of good friends made the trip awesome! 

Hello from Anawangin! :)

Before Anawangin, I've never stayed overnight on an isolated island where there's no electricity, bathroom,  restaurant, cellphone signal and a comfy bed to sleep in. I wasn't scared because I was with my friends and I took it as a new "first" that I will surely remember. True enough, it had been a blast. It was more than I expected. It was fun and surely worth remembering. Good thing, we have an itinerary to follow. Thanks to Stan! Well, we were not able to follow the schedule but surprisingly we were able to do everything without even noticing it. :)
The picture looks grade school-ish I know. Haha!
When we got to San Antonio, we stopped by at the market to buy the things we needed. You can buy everything there even knife, ihawan and ice chest at a low price. The only thing that I didn't like was there's no 711 nor fast food in the area. Bakit ba gusto ko ng chicken joy for lunch nun eh. Haha. The carinderias aren't bad but they're not satisfying either. ;p

It was midday so the sand was really hot. Good thing I was wearing my wedges, yes my wedges saved my feet! :)
It was my first boat right and I loved it. I loved how the water splashed on my face, I loved how salty the water is and I loved how we shouted and enjoyed the long ride.
I was in awe. I never thought islands have tall trees and all. I particularly love this bridge. :)
Setting up our tent! Thank God we have Ronli who brought one big tent enough for the 4 of us. He taught us how to set it up :) Nakakamiss lang!
Guess what! there's Halo Halo in the island. A Caucasian even talked to us (Roxy and I) and said "we're like survivors here, survivor Philippines!" and we replied "Yeah!" LOL! We wanted to disappear right then and there. Hahaha!

 Food Preparation. A+ for Teamwork. Yay!

Pictorial while cooking. Haha!

Night swimming and Anawangin sunset! :) 
Kainan na! :)
The photo says it all. Laughtrip at its best!
Stargazing by the beach! The sky was so clear that night. This is probably one of the reasons why I love Anawangin. It's not like I can't do that in other places but I don't know I haven't seen the sky as clear as that yet. Sorry naman sa stars di kasi kita sa camera ko. Haha!

Good morning sunshine! 
Anawangin Day 2

At the tent area. Alam na alam kung sino huling nagising! Haha. 
Don't you just love the view (na tinakpan namin)? ;p
Preparing for mountain climbing! :)
View from above. We climbed the mountain with our bikinis on. That's how adventurous we are. LOL!
Panegrahan mode. The death of my dear camera. Writings on the sand. The fab ones kind of fun :)
Bye A. 'til we meet again :)


ronli said...

i love it bogsy! this summer ulit!

Anonymous said...

haha panalo. napareminisce ako ng di oras. ang saya. im so excited for our next beach trip!!! ;p

Czaiper said...

Hahaha... Ayan na mare!! Nakita ko na!! Like Like Like!!!!

Summer na sana!! YAY!!!!


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