Friday, February 3, 2012

...because I'm Sensitive.

My life's not a joke and my past isn't either. I just hope people would stop reminding me of the things in the past (yeah, don't even joke about it) because they don't have any idea how hard I'm trying to get over it more so forget about it -- the feeling and the embarrassment.

I'm hating a lot of things / people lately which is so not me. Now, I understand how it feels like to get hurt to the point that you no longer have any other option but to consider hating in order to lessen the feeling of being hurt. This isn't just romantically speaking, mind you. It's tiring, though and it's sad.

I wish days would be simpler, happier and less complicated. I hope people would stop taking advantage of people they don't really care about. I hope I can go back to my old self, less wiser yet compassionate if being wiser entails being cold (I am only speaking for myself). I hope I can be more like my mom that no matter how much she had been through she never fails to think of other people's needs as well.


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Nana Granada said...

sometimes life could be so cruel that we tend to question the purpose of our existence. but always remember that we have to leave our life according to what we want it to be. do not live life according to what other people's will =) otherwise we're gonna end up feeling gloomy all the time =) hope you could join me on my site too dear


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