Friday, April 1, 2011


Hachiko means faithful dog
 When my brother said that this movie is a tear jerker, I was like yeah, i know my friends told me so and I was thinking that maybe it's a sad story because the dog died in the end but  I never cared to ask what the story was about. I never planned to watch it because I hate it when I watch stories where the main characters die in the end. Last night, mom and I wanted to watch "temptation of wife" but the CD wouldn't work so we watched hachiko instead.

 It's really heart breaking to see someone as cute as him this sad
This was the last part when they met again :)
 At first I was like "He's super cute" and "I wanted to have one". I fell in love with the puppy in an instant and I was amused with the bond between Parker and Hachi. I really find it amazing. I've always loved our dogs but I never had a strong bond with them because like with kids, I don't have the patience in playing with them for a long time. I was enjoying the movie until Parker died. I was wondering what will happen to Hachi and even though my little brother was a spoiler, I was still hoping that it wouldn't be too sad. I couldn't control my tears. I was crying non stop and I began to feel him.I was crying in awe for Hachi. How many of us can do that for someone we love? I'm not even sure I can do that or someone can. I've always believed that hearts do get tired and worse, soon after love will fade. I'm not even sure if I can be loyal for someone who has left me. I don't know I guess I've never fell in love big time yet. (lol sa love "love" ko talaga nirelate)
The original Hachi

I felt him because I know how it feels to wait. When I was a kid, I waited for my dad to come back home. When I learned he wouldn't anymore, I still hoped until I grew up and understood things. I stopped hoping and I started to care less. No, I don't hate him but I don't think I care for him at all anymore. I became indifferent.

There was also a time when mom had to leave us so she could work somewhere far. She gets back home every weekend and I was always excited for the weekend to come cos I miss being with her but then there were times she couldn't go home because of the weather, work and other things which I didn't understand then. I was just a little girl. It was the saddest feeling ever. That was long ago, though. Things are different now. :D
Hachiko's statue in Japan :D
Maybe those are the reasons why I never had the patience to wait even on the simplest things. I don't want to get hurt in the process. I know how it felt and it must be harder for Hachi because he waited all his life. His loyalty is really something. He waited and never faltered. I hope we can be loyal to the people we love and most especially to our family. People come and go but those we consider family will always stay with us no matter what the weather is.


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