Monday, April 4, 2011

Random Blah

Lessons learned today:

  • I can't please everybody. This happens to anyone so I shouldn't feel bad but yes, I do feel bad especially if I know I'm giving everything I can to do things right. I don't know why but when something bad happens, I can't help but think of the same things over and over again. I get stuck and it's either I'd move on in a snap or I will make myself miserable for the next couple of hours. Most often the not, the latter usually happens. Hello Bad Vibes. Shooo. Anyhoo, I shouldn't be too hard on myself I know. It's just that... Okay forget it.

  • I can't just always shop whenever I feel sad and blue. I can't because I'll be sadder when I get broke. Shopping has always been therapeutic for me but I can't afford the luxury of buying something wherever, whenever just yet. I have a good news, I didn't buy anything today except for the nail polish which is on my list but the bad news is I didn't buy anything only because I haven't seen anything I really like. I guess I just didn't feel my sign --- the feeling of not putting the thing down thinking that someone else might get it even if there are lots in stock or the feeling that I'd be dreaming about that thing had I not bought it. Talk about materialism. lol.

  • Move on. Leave everything behind. I may not have started the day the way I wanted to but I shouldn't forget that there's still time left to make yourself happier :D

Another lesson learned, take time to thank God for all the blessings. :D
Happy Monday!

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