Monday, November 24, 2014

Ocean Park, Hong Kong 2014

Nov 6, 2014 Ocean Park, Hong Kong -  Before our trip, I googled the places I wanted to visit (except for Disneyland because I wanted it to be a surprise). I spent extra time with Ocean Park since it is kind of expensive. I just had to convince myself that it will be worth it and boy, it was more than what I vouched for. The photos and reviews, no matter how beautifully written they were didn't give justice to the experience that I had. I was thrilled, scared and in awe at the same time not to mention that I am with my family celebrating our many firsts.

Our first agenda was to go to the other side where "adult" rides are because we're cool like that. Lol! Nah, we wanted to try the cable car first then the rides. :)

We passed by Old Hong Kong that looked very much like China town.

Gotta love these walls!!!

Off we went. This was probably my favorite part. I could ride back and forth all day and savor the calming view. It wasn't a short ride either :D

Weeeeeeee!!!! :D

(more photos soon. crappy internet connection)

Blogging about this makes me want to teleport to one of Ocean Park's cable cars. I would never forget the this-is-scary-as-shit-but-I-will-try-it-anyway feeling only to find out that it wasn't THAT scary, the legendary seasickness tablets that "amazingly" didn't make us dizzy but super duper sleepy that I wish I was dizzy instead (pun intended), the endless surprises wherever we went, the life size aquariums, live sharks! Haha, the fountain show!!!! (We were chanting Symbio, symbio even after we left!),  the random laugh trips, the photo moments with my brothers (!!!!!), did I say our many firsts? ( :D) and the all-day kilig feeling because I am mababaw like that. Oh life, since when did you become so good to me? :)

We weren't able to try all the rides, explore Waterfront nor watch any show but I know that I will be back one day to do all those things. Everything still feels surreal up until now and I am beyond grateful for having been able to experience all these with the most important people in my life. Yay! Thank you Lord! E


Anonymous said...

was here today! <3

i miss reading your blogs!!! i just miss u that's it. yuck cheezy ako ngaun. baket? hahahaha :p

Anonymous said...

and i love the gold body bag!!! <3


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