Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mu Noodle Bar

I love weekends. Who doesn't? I get to spend time catching up with friends. Last Saturday, I tried Mu Noodle Bar together with Sho and Goty. It's been months since we last saw each other and  it was really nice that we finally tried this noodle house we've been eyeing on since we saw it in Glorietta. It was still under construction then. 

Beef Noodle (Thin Soy)

3 Cup Chicken

Cereal & Hoti Prawns

We weren't disappointed because everything we tried was mouth-watering.  We weren't giddy with the service though. If we weren't busy chatting, we would have felt irritated by asking for water 3 times until we got them and waiting too long for the bill and the change. All in all, it's definitely a must try. I'm all for food and the price is quite reasonable. I love the interiors too. 

It was another weekend well-spent. I really missed these two girls. Whenever we're together we have endless talk about anything Korean like how rich their culture is, how beautiful Koreans are and how excited we are to go to Korea together and go to every single place we saw in our favorite kdramas especially now that Sho had personally experienced it already. One day. E

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