Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Fab Ones at Conti's

It's rare these days to go out with all of us present especially now that we no longer work together and that made meet up like this extra special. 

The cutest lasagna I've ever tasted. It was kiddie lasagna and they weren't kidding when they said "kiddie". Haha. It tastes really good though. One of the best lasagnas I've ever tasted :)


Mango Bravo. 

The Fab Ones. 

I feel really blessed whenever I'm reminded how much love I get from my friends. They're not really the cheesiest in fact we get by by making fun of each other, laughing our hearts out and listening to each other's endless stories and I love it just like that.

We had too much sweets that we had to eat something salty. NYFD fries.

I especially loved this photo, it looked candid but it really wasn't. Haha. The first one was but it was all blurry that we had to take another shot. Hihi. E

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