Wednesday, December 19, 2012

To Mr. & Mrs. Elopre,

Stay in love and live a happy married life! We love you guys and we're always here to support you. I don't have anything "great" to advice since I'm just a lonely single girl (kidding!) but I wish you all the happiness and the best a married couple could have. Continue to support each other in whatever endeavor you take and strive to bring out the best of one another. Most of all, put God in the center of your marriage. 

Congratulations and Best Wishes! :)

Photos from the wedding :)

Tina and I while waiting for the newly wed :)
Who's Next? Basta alam nyo na usapan natin ha ;p lol
The buffet table waiting for us. Haha ;p
Choi and Jo! Fresh :)
Meng's message to her hubby. Wala naman sya masyado masabi. Hehe. Love ya Meng!
Wishing them a happy married life. Impromptu talaga dapat? Hehe ;p

Souvenir. Chocolates! :)
Us with Mr and Mrs. :)

With the ever beautiful Tita Barang :)

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