Friday, December 14, 2012

A Book Worth Reading!

This isn't a review because I am no expert in books but I love this one to bits! It gave me a roller coaster of emotions in a good way. You know that kind of story where you sort of have an idea of what happens in the end but the thought of the end becomes immaterial because without realizing it you are drawn to the story page after page and becomes more interested to what happens in between the beginning and the end. (Whew that was a long unpunctuated sentence but whatever). For me, this is one of those kinds.

The mere fact that it speaks of death gave me the impression that it was rather a sad one and yes it is but in not so dragging way. I like how it talked about love in an entirely un-cliched way. (or maybe not entirely.)

I found myself crying, laughing in between then crying once more not because of cancer nor death but of something else. I don't know, It all felt genuine.


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Anonymous said...

it really is one of a kind :)


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