Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Shopaholics at the Landmark

Roxy and I originally planned to shop at Divi but when we passed by the Landmark one day and saw their new stock of clothes we've decided to just shop there. Come payday, with the budget of Php1000 on hand and items on our list (okay I didn't make a list for that specific day but I've made lists before which includes practically everything I want and I was able to cross some out but Roxy did and I bet she was able to cross out most of it) we invaded the Landmark and shopped. :)

After shopping we had a snack at our favorite -- Brownies Unlimited.
It was really fun. I've tried bunch of clothes but I only had to pick a few. It was really hard to choose from an array of pretty yet cheap clothes so I exceeded on my budget a bit. So here are the items I bought:
    • White tank top with black carrot pants -- P300+
      • Not on the plan but I couldn't resist buying it. 2 items for P319? Not bad!
    • Yellow cardigan with hood -- P300
      • I've been coveting this since the day I saw this when we passed by before payday. I was just a bit hesitant on buying it at first  because I thought I wanted to buy a cardigan that's easy to mix and match.
    • Black blazer -- P300
      • Very versatile. I can pair it with practically everything.
    • Little mermaid charm necklace -- P100+
      • I so love the little mermaid and this is the first little mermaid charm bracelet I saw. Good thing it's cheap. 
    • Travel charm bracelet -- P150
      • It's so cute! I'll post a picture soon.
    • Pink purse -- P70+
      • I wanted a purse where I can put my money, cards and phone. Good thing Landmark has plenty of purses to choose from.
Too bad we forgot to take pictures while shopping. See what shopping does to us? lol! We'll remember that next time. :) 

Here's a sneak peek of what I bought and how I plan to mix and match them :)
I promise to blog about it soon!


Anonymous said...

"the girl with the yellow cardigan" haha adik much. next stop: sm!!

ejay said...

Haha! Inunahan mo! Gagawin ko yang blogpost title pag nasuot ko na. lol!


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