Sunday, November 25, 2012

Out with My Brothers

We rarely go out together and this was one of those rare days. It was rather short but these moments are those that I will cherish the most. One of the most challenging and happiest role I play I should say is being an ate. :)

They don't like taking photos of themselves but I do!
Dinner at Tokyo Tokyo. Extra rice please!
My brothers. Told ya they don't like having their photos taken. Arte lang ;p
Christmas lights! Super lovely :)
Like a kid amazed by the lights haha
I was scolded for taking out my phone outside the mall! Seriously, am I the older sister here?
We heard a really bad news minutes after we arrived. It's something inevitable but it did help that we were all together when we heard it. 

Here's an OOTD for ya! XX

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