Thursday, March 22, 2012

Nails Gone Matte!

I've been wanting to try any matte nail polish but I haven't come across with any yet or if I did I must not have noticed it or ignored it because of the price. Anyhoo, It's really fortunate for me to discover Kleancolor which has this matte finisher, Madly Matte. 

We were in the Cosmetologie Fair then when I saw their booth. I fell in love with the colors, the packaging and how pretty the polishes look together (that I want to buy them all! I wish). I was hesitant to ask at first because I thought they were expensive but to my surprise each polish costs only P100! The regular price is P120 though. Still, not bad for a matte finisher.

I tried applying it over Bobbie Glaze in Flower Girl and the end result looked like this.

Sorry for the messy application. Whenever I do my nails they always end up like that. 

I loved how matte it looked considering the base color is in Glaze but I was thinking maybe it would look better when applied over dark nail polish. I'll try that next time :) It dries pretty fast but I don't know yet if it'll last long since I just applied it last night. We'll see in the coming days but so far so good. I'd definitely repurchase this! 

More Photos. I really couldn't decide which photo to post for this NOTD so I'm going to post them all!


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ang ganda friend!


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