Sunday, May 29, 2011

032311 Make-up 101 with Roxy :)

I stayed at Roxy's place while I wait for my friends. We we're going a bit emo for what has happened in the past and not to mention the love songs playing in the background… sad love songs. Then out of the blue, Roxy started applying her lipstick. I asked her to let me try it too. Then we began doing the step by step make up tutorial. Ha ha! We were already applying the powder concealer when we decided to do it the right way… To cleanse, tone and moisturize before anything else.

We had an impromptu make up 101 and she taught me how to do it step by step. :) My usual make up routine is just to put on concealer, apply powder, mascara, blush and lipstick. The complete make-up routine is overwhelming because I had to do so much but it was all worth it. Make up does wonders! Hehe. 

We applied the exact same things except for the lipstick and concealer and this is how it looked :)
natural light

with flash
Here's the make-up routine Roxy taught me, in order:
  • Cleanse. Tone. Moisturize -  to remove excess oil on our face so the make up will blend evenly when applied.
  • Start of with a Make Up Primer/ Base (Loreal True Match  Make Up Base) - to keep the fab make up last longer.
  • Conceal those icky dark spots (Max Factor Concealer Pan Stick - Nouveau Beige) - since I'm using a cream-based concealer I applied this first before the powder foundation. She told me that the rule of thumb is apply cream-based (am not sure if I used the right term) first before you apply the powder-based. 
  • Add Foundation (Ellana Mineral Concealer Foundation) - to even out the color of the skin. This also hide imperfections and to make skin look smoother.
  • Brighten Eyes - For me, this is the trickiest part but the most fun as well. Roxy kept on telling me that there are no rules in applying make up and we just have to do what we think is the most convenient for us. Anyhoo, I still did what she was doing then it was a make-up tutorial 101 anyway. 
    • Eyeshadows (Body Shop Shimmer Waves) - we used the light pink and brown palette
    • for the Crease (Ellana Embrace Dark Shade) - a darker shade to accentuate 
    • Highlight (Body Shop) - I forgot what this is for
    • Eyeliner (Dior) and Mascara (Wet n Wild) - this is a make up essential for me because I have short and thin lashes :)
  • Add Color to Your Cheeks (Nars in Taos) - I love this shade and this really lasts long :)
  • Pucker up, Add lipstick (Maybelline Color Sensational in Coral) - Do you know who invented the lipstick? I can kiss him/her for doing so. :)
That was a lot, don't you think? Well, at least for someone as lazy as me. Ha ha! I had fun though and it's really an instant pick me up. Thanks Rox. ;)
    off to meet my friends :)


Anonymous said...

my gosh ngayon mo lang pinost to. haha.

this was a fun day despite our emo-ness. haha see you tomorrow!

ejay said...

Ngayon lang kasi ako sinipag. Hehe. Ikr! That was fun at next time totoong tutorial mo na dapat with video! :) See you!


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