Tuesday, February 1, 2011

30 day blog challenge DAY 2 :D


(I can live without things, material things... well except for the basic needs of every man of course)

Apart from being conceited and a self-confessed camwhore, I love taking pictures to capture every moment :D That explains why I cried  like a kid over spilled milk when I lost my 2010 files where 90% were photos, neatly compiled photos that is. Good thing I uploaded some of them to my Multiply and Facebook account. 

In my entire life, I only had 4 cameras so far. My first was an outdoor toy camera. Well, I wasn't able to use it because I didn't know how to use it. I was just a grade-schooler then. Then I had the Izone polaroid when I was in HS. I loved it but the photos are too small and I couldn't afford to be "picture happy" since the film costs more than my allowance. Haha! They're both given by my Tito Ben :D Too bad I couldn't find them anymore. I used to keep my old stuff even they're no longer working. Then I had Sony S950, light pink. My first ever super loved and utilized camera :D Unfortunately it got soaked on saltwater when we went to Anawangin but the good thing is I was able to avail the extended warranty so they replaced it with my current Sony W310. :D

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