Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011 loves! :)

"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end" -Seneca
I can hardly remember how I welcomed my 2010 but how I bid farewell was pretty short and swift. I wanted to end it badly hoping that a change of year will motivate me to change my life's perspective and to simply trash the bad vibes of last year away. When the clock strikes 12, I was so happy shouting happy new year and jumping at the same time hoping I'd still grow taller. Ha ha! For that very moment, I felt nothing but hope of being a better person by finding myself, exploring the unknown and by simply getting out of my comfort zone.

I'm grateful for my 2010 because I've learned a lot from simple to great things and everything will be well remembered. I'm grateful for the happy memories, for the places I've visited, for the laugh trips and for the weird tendencies as well which made it all more fun. I'm grateful for my friends who stood by me whenever I'm in distress and who make time to celebrate when I'm happy. I'm grateful for my mom because she understands me and what I'm going through. I'm just grateful for the life I have and for the opportunity to make things right.

My 2010 had also been tough but I guess every year we are meant to face challenges and it's up to us how to outwit those, get back on track and see the brighter side of life. I had been weak last year that I failed to give myself a chance to grow and be at my happiest simply because I base everything on my emotions and on what I feel. There's no point on feeling sorry though. Things happen and yeah, let's just charge it to experience. :D

So now I say "Hello 2011! Be awesome!"

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