Thursday, December 2, 2010

A new perspective in 2011 :)

I love new years because it gives me reasons to make a list of what I want to change without being questioned why :) Every year, I make a long list, some were accomplished and some were not (which I will still include in my new list. hehe) My 2010 had been crappy. Yeah, there were good experiences that I won't forget and which I am thankful for but the bad ones (fine, some are self inflicted but still) are just overwhelming that I almost lost myself in the process of dealing with them. I couldn't say that I'm close to being back to the old happy self that I once had but I know that I'm getting there :) I hate myself for hating things though BUT the good news is I'm not planning to bring the bad vibes with me this 2011. Yeah, you heard me right. I still have a month to meditate. LOL! (btw, I'm not trying to convince you skeptics. ;p)

Here's my list:

This 2011 and years after, I WILL:
  • PRAY CONSISTENTLY (not only when in distress).
  • FIND MYSELF and love every bit of it.
  • NOT GET TIRED OF LIFE. Love life and it will love you back.
  • SMILE (even if I don't feel like smiling)
  • SEE INTO THE HEART. Be nice to anyone. No exceptions.
  • --when waiting for something(mrt/lrt/jeepney ride, commercial breaks, payday ;p, long queues, answers, slow internet connection, text message replies, someone to open the gate, globe customer service)
  • --with naughty little kids aka my little siblings rap and sis
  • --with stubborn people (including myself)
  • BELIEVE...
  • --in myself (regardless of how people see me)
  • --in others (regardless of how they see themselves)
  • --in dreams (regardless of how impossible they may seem)
  • TRY TO BE FRUGAL. SAVE more. SHOP less. (now, this is challenging. haha!)
  • TRUST GOD and His plans for me.
  • JUST LOVE. No questions asked. No expectations. No qualifications.
  • CHALLENGE MYSELF. I will dare to do things I thought I can't do. (except going inside the haunted house. awooo )
  • LEAVE THE WHAT IFS OF THE PAST BEHIND. I have so many questions left unanswered and I don't think I still care to know the answers. Ugly things happen to give way to awesome things. I will start from where I am now. :)
  • VALUE MY FAMILY MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE. It's the constant thing in the world. :D No matter how you fail them, they will love you just the same.
  • GO TO PLACES I've never been to. I dream to travel to the most amazing places and I guess I can start now.
  • BE PROACTIVE (not just when shopping)
  • BE FIT. EAT HEALTHY. EXERCISE (It'll be fun! Haha)
  • BE PUNCTUAL. I was hesitant to include this because it had been on my list for like forever? Hehe. There's still hope, I guess. :)

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