Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Random Blah 1

Just had dinner and mom was talking about their m21 bonding with her GS batch mates. She told me about how one of them got drunk and that they stayed there 'til 3am. My mom, not really being a party person told me her insights on things like that. (which is mostly, erm... negative? haha) I was just listening the whole time (which is unlikely of me ;p) and imagine the look in my face... I was like telling myself... hey, I never got drunk... then I remembered... shit! I did... once... or maybe twice... Waaaah! It was the most awkward moment ever! Haha! but then, to keep it cool I just shared our m21 experience, what we availed and good thing, I didn't drink that time... (uh huh! that makes me less guilty) :D

Thinking about that, I find it interesting that no matter how opposite we are I can say that my relationship with my mom is the best-est! We fight like sisters, we share stories like friends do (except for some things like those mentioned above ;p) and we understand each other the way a mother/daughter would. I love you mom

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