Friday, July 23, 2010

I just love being a girl :D

Yesterday, June 21st we had a sleepover at Roxy's pad. (I heart sleepovers, I miss my bed though)

Anyway, when I got home after shift, I didn't feel like studying as planned (who wants to study anyway?) so to avoid falling asleep, I opted to continue reading Confessions of a Shopaholic. It's hilarious and interesting for anyone who loves to shop. I'm now on the part where Luke sent a thank you note to Becky and I stopped there thinking that I wouldn't be able to stop reading it til the end. Inspired by her, I rummaged my closet and started looking for what to wear. I've decided to look and feel fab at all times, in my own definition so from now on I'll make an effort to prepare ahead so as to avoid bad ___ days. Anyway, I went to Megamall after hours of preparing myself and stuff to bring. While waiting for Roxy, I visited Forever 21 and I soooooo love it. Gosh, it's huge and the items are not as expensive as I expected. I could stay there forever! Good thing, I didn't have my credit card with me (and I still haven't paid it yet)

... to be continued... my brother, rap keeps on nagging me! I'll let him use the computer first.


Anonymous said...

we'll do a sleepover again.. and dapat wlang shift knabukasan. para lahat ng beauty rituals magawa natin. weeee

Anonymous said...

i love ur layout! update ka naman blog! hehe


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