Sunday, May 23, 2010

I love my friends :D

I'm really glad that I have friends who I can really trust and who would tell straight to my face what I am becoming, be it good or bad.


Anonymous said...

Ejay friend, na nosebleed ako sa comment mo. hehe super english! hehehe ;p But seriously THANKS A LOT for trusting me and I'd like you to know that I do trust you the same way. I know whether we see each other or not or talk everyday or not, you'd still be my friend no matter what. I know that our friendship doesn't depend on how many times we see each other or talk. What I know is that when we are together we automatically bond and I feel at ease telling you whatever it is that comes to my mind or whatever it is that I feel and of course we always have fun -- that was the best part!

And likewise, I do look forward to more fab fun days (does that mean shopping days and maxing out our credit limit? hahaha ;p).. but hello a regular day is always fun and fab for us.. hahaha ;p

Yuck ang cheesy natin! hahahaha Kala mo kaw lang marunong umemo.. haha shempre ako rin! hahaha Parang lesbos lang ah. hahaha ;p

I'll be seeing you tomorrow! yey!

ejay said...

Definitely, shopping days! I love! :D Hehe. Naiyak ako friend... Chos! We're like so cheesy, hindi ako sanay. Haha. Seriously, thank you. ^^ Si czai sabi sakin emomon daw muna siya ngayon, sakin daw muna jejemon. Wahaha! Sabi ko ayoko nga, kanya na pareho. Hehe :D

I've got something to share tom :D *blushing* Haha.

See you!!


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