Sunday, April 25, 2010

Haller! :)

I've deleted my other blogger accounts so from now on I'll be using only this for blogs. I've decided just now that I'll say whatever I want, share whatever I feel and care less of what other people might say. This is moi -- love me or hate me for being me :)

I'll be turning 22 soon! and surprisingly, am no longer psyched with the idea that am getting old. I remember when I turned 20, I kept on telling everyone that I'm still a teen --twenteen that is. hehe. On my 21st year, I had been more subtle on my dislike... but now, I will embrace my being 22! I should be thankful because I've gone this far and am still ALIVE! :D

My 22nd year will be a ME year. With that I meant, a year of getting to know myself better, do things that I truly love (like to travel/go places I've never been to), do something for myself and be the best-est me! :D Am soo excited, really because I know I will be more than a dreamer... I will start making my dreams come true!

Til then! oxox

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