Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Thanks for the Memories 2012! Hello 2013!

That feeling when you just want to get something over with - that's what I thought of how my 2012 was until I've decided to just forget the bitterness and really look into how 2012 had been. You see, I love taking photos and the best part of it? Photos remind me of the good times! I have hundreds and these are the few that highlighted my 2012.

In 2012...

I welcomed my year with these! No wonder why I got this big! All I did was to eat this much the whole year kidding lol ;p

I got to join my family on their annual trip to Quezon.

I'm glad to have known these wonderful people whom I super love! I miss the mermaids!

I finally got my passport! Nope, I haven't used it yet but I will... SOON.

I got my hair permed, AT LONG LAST.

I together with the fab ones explored Amansinaya. We had some swimming, sliding, ziplining, trekking and we even had a back motorcycle ride to Tagaytay. 
Crazy but FUN! :)

I had an extra special birthday. Welcoming my 24th year of existence is far from ordinary! Think genuine happiness.

I enrolled in a dance class and yeah, I participated in the recital too!

Went to Boracay for the second time with The Fab Ones! and did some crazy things which I believe is still legal :)

We went to Iloilo too :)

I stopped by People's Park, Tagaytay. I stayed there for like 30 mins. 

I rekindled with good old friends!

...and got to know new equally awesome ones!

I experienced the "laugh til you drop" road trip! :D

I had more dates with these 2 amazing girls.

I attended a free Korean film fest! :)

I once again witnessed how good Douglas Nierras Powerdance is! 

I experienced the Apalit fiesta where we were welcomed with a splash, literally! Hehe.

I won a game in a perya! I also won a free dreamboarding session from BDJ! :)

I got to spend more time with the BFF.

The Fab Ones went goth on Halloween.

Celebrated my grandparent's 48th year of marriage! :) 

I was able to attend the BDJ Fair with my favorite shopping buddy whom I really miss! :)

I was able to live the good life! Yes!

I experienced Ace Water Spa! :)

I got my first hard-earned (or NOT) Starbucks planner.

I watched the Oblation run! Haha

My HS best friend got married! :)

...and I realized how important these people are. 

2012 didn't suck at all!  I should be grateful right? 2012 has given me much more than experiences, it has taught me a lot of things.

I can now say that life gets better every year and I'm just excited of what 2013 will bring me! 
Hello 2013!

Have a happy new year everyone! :)


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