Monday, November 12, 2012

That Moment.

P.S Read at your own risk

That moment when nothing seems to be pleasant even if you really really really try hard to fool yourself that there is indeed something good in this day. That moment when you needed the little miss optimistic in you but she's nowhere to be found. That moment when you have to breathe deeply and repeatedly to keep calm and ignore all the annoyance around.  That moment when a sound (from anyone) seems like a loud roar that is painful to the ears. That moment when you want to laugh on how awkward people look at you weighing whether they can talk to you or not but couldn't because it doesn't seem at all amusing when it would on normal days. That moment when you wish that in just one snap you're transported to the nearest beach or to a place where no one is there to bother you.

That moment when you need someone to absorb anything after absorbing everything. That moment when you realize that your blog just did. LOL! That moment when you realize that this blog post is weird and it made you smile...a bit. That moment when you're going to stop writing because other people may find this weirder. That moment when you're going to say "bye".

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