Monday, September 10, 2012

DIY is love!

Have you checked Pinterest? It's an amazing site for all cool things including DIY Ideas from people over the world wide web. I've been wanting to do something myself whether from scratch or from things I already have and finally I was able to do one. Yay for me!

I rummaged my closet and found these tops that I rarely use.
So I checked my DIY board in Pinterest and I found this rather cute and easy since it's a no sew DIY.
 I just followed it step by step and here's the end product. 
This should inspire me to do sit ups and crunches religiously. Ha ha!
Easy peasy, eh? If you don't want it short/midrib, use a longer shirt or tank top. I found long tank tops but I don't want to give them up for DIY just yet. I'd definitely try this on statement shirts leaving fringes for a boho vibe. Dear pay, please come soon so I can go thrift shopping. Hi hi!

One down and 4 more shirts to go! I'm still planning on what to do next because I can't choose from dozens of  DIY. Until next time :)


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