Friday, June 8, 2012

I Wish Summer Is Forever.

I may complain about how hot days during summers are or the sticky feeling minutes after a bath but there are way more reasons why I love summer, the time of the year when I am absolutely at my happiest just because.

I loved summer as a kid because we don't have classes, obviously! Yay! Every student will agree, right? We get to visit relatives, play all day with friends without being reprimanded and go to sleep as late as we can. As I grew older I loved summer even more. Like in college, that's the only time when we can go on a beach getaway and forget about all the debits and credits accounting is very much full of. Ha ha! 

So what is it with SUMMER?

Summer is the best time to make memories, good ones that will last a lifetime. Yeah right we can make such memories all year long but for me it's extra special when it's summer. I guess it's because people look forward to it, prepare for it (yearlong? think bikini worthy body) and make time to take a break from their busy schedule just to enjoy the sun. 

My summers had always been filled with fun memories, whether I hit the beach or not. I don't know why good things happen whether I plan it or not and it keeps getting better. This year I spent my summer dancing in front of a large audience (you read it right), studying and taking risks (regardless of the outcome I was able to overcome a fear that I've been unknowingly nurturing all along), enjoying the sun, beaching and bitching (chos!), loosening up and appreciating the people who truly care.

Too bad we had a rainy Boracay getaway so I wasn't able to achieve the "tan" that I've always wanted but who cares, there's picmonkey anyway. LOL!

I can't wait for next summer! I promised myself that I will explore more beaches and I will be fitter. 

Oh summer, please come back soon! :)


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