Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Everything Quickie

7:45 AM. Jac Liner, Buendia.
 Alone in a 1-hour bus ride. Good thing I have my phone with music in it. It's embarrassing but yes I do take "vain" photos even when I'm alone. ;p

My mom was in Laguna that day so I had to go there first so we can go to Tagaytay together. When I was about to get off the bus the bus conductor said "Nandun na boyfriend mo, sinusundo ka na", I smiled thinking "I wiiiiiissssh!!! Haha. So I waited for them and to my surprise my cousin and his girlfriend were coming with us. They discovered the easiest route from Laguna. We had brekky and off we went to Tagaytay via a jeepney ride at around 9:30 am (I'm not too sure though). As far as I can remember, we had to take a jeepney ride to Sta. Rosa and from there, we had another jeepney ride to Tagaytay.

10:39 AM. Tagaytay
Jeepney ride to Tagaytay. My cousin and I were making fun of each other half of the time so I didn't mind the long travel time.
Mom and I went to St. Scho while my cousin and his girlfriend went to Picnik Grove riding this. ;p
10:51 AM Just in time
We went to St. Scholastica's Center for Spirituality to visit a relative. We had a little chat and I took the opportunity to take pictures although I've already had a lot the last time we visited and of course during our retreats way back in college. 

I love it there so much because of the tranquility of the place and the cold climate made it even better. 
Outside St. Scho. Loving the path with trees/plants on the sides. 
 11:45 AM. Picnik Grove
Since it was a Sunday, there were a lot of people, families having picnic, kids playing, lovers dating and  friends hanging out. (Yes, I am that observant that I knew what role people were playing haha). 
The place is nice as it is but they're continuously improving it by adding more attractions. I'm not sure but the last time I went there, the Fish Spa wasn't open yet.
The rates and the buko juice. 
 12:13PM Goodbye Tagaytay
Yeah, it was a super quick visit. I didn't even get a chance to walk through the walkway and cross the bridge. Oh well, maybe next time. It was an unplanned trip anyway plus mom had a lot on her plate that day. We went back to Laguna for a late lunch and I don't know why but there was never a time I don't ditch my diet whenever we go to my aunt's place. Hehe. 

4:51 PM Manila 
 We even did a quick grocery shopping at Cash and Carry before we went home. What a day! It's not that I'm not used to a fast paced life but there are times when I just want to sit back and enjoy the view. You get what I mean? I'm still thankful though that I was able to go to 3 different places and take sight ,even for a little while, of the beauty life has to offer.

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