Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Happiness is a state of mind. :)

I've felt really tired the past few days because I haven't had much sleep so I planned to rest the whole afternoon. I've been preoccupied of the things that's happening now though. I seldom analyze why and how things happen because I know I would just be running in circles and end up with a conclusion to my benefit.

Today, I let my thoughts flow be it positive, negative or in between. I wanted to know the root cause of this negative vibe so I can deal with it. It has not always been easy to admit some things even to myself. It's like I'm sort of in denial with the those I couldn't accept. Not to mention that I find it hard to put in words what's really on my mind or what I feel.

So I came up with these root causes - love, heartache, insecurity, emptiness, being stuck and fickle-mindedness. To be honest I don't know where I'm getting at and I guess there's no point in explaining why so I just googled pictures to shoo the bad vibes away. :)

Someday, I'd fall in love with a guy who loves me too. It doesn't have to be fairy tale like or maybe it needs no "spark" as I've imagined it to be. Maybe I'd fall in love with someone who wouldn't pass my so called checklist or maybe he'll get a tick mark for everything. Who knows and who cares? I just want to fall in love.

I so agree. Life can be CRAZY at times but it's BEAUTIFUL. 



...and few of the things that I dream of having

Next Year

Before the year ends

...and my ultimate dream :)



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